Say G’day

I’m Carl Watney, a 10-pound pom who has been ocker for 50-ish years.
I’m an old school warhorse who has been on the digital frontline for more than 2 decades. Some of the places I have worked and things I have done include:

Grew CITEC’s biggest private enterprise client account (John Deere), ran retail ops for a network of travel agencies across Australia, founded a tourism specialist SEO firm, negotiated a deal for a small Brisbane agency to redesign the social media pioneer MySpace, agreed to be Director of a public company with tech founded by an FBI informant, renovated 16 Brisbane properties, set up a dozen commercial and retail leases in 5 states of Australia, created a SaaS approach for an agency to sell SME websites, worked on various offroad campers and 4WD vehicles, rescued a dog and a cat, raised or am still raising a daughter and son.

The things I enjoy doing include:

Helping business owners leverage design and technology to support their marketing efforts, identify market niches and product development opportunities, set up project structure and accountability, help cut costs and make use of emerging technology or smart business process.

After 5 years as General Manager of a small digital agency, I find myself with some spare time. If you can use my help, or simply want to chat over a coffee, beer, or Zoom session, please feel free to hit me up.